This is your LIFE! How to Make Important Life Decisions Where You Risk Losing Everything

Do you have hopes and dreams for the best life you know you could live?

Where is your life headed if you stay on your current path?

Are your answers to these two questions different?

These two questions make it clear you must CHANGE YOUR LIFE just to have a shot at living out your dreams. And the bigger your dreams, the bigger the risk. The bigger the investment. The bigger the sacrifice of time, money, and life’s energy.

Successful careers are punctuated by aggressive course corrections. Entrepreneurs especially.

Every course correction is exponentially more difficult than the last. To graduate to the next level of achievement you simultaneously give up what you currently have while risking your time, money, and energy to have a shot at something bigger.

The world credits entrepreneurs for their gumption and unnatural tolerance for risk.

I believe this is false credit.

What really gives entrepreneurs the courage to repeatedly take huge risks is their unnatural ability to see into the future.

If you can see your life, and your future, and everything it could be with CRYSTAL CLARITY while you’re simultaneously haunted by the end result of comfort and decay then the courage to change your life is not ‘risk tolerance’ it’s ‘risk irrelevant’

Having a dual vision of what your life could be, and what it could not is LEVERAGE to make your life’s course corrections.

Because you KNOW no matter what, you’ll grow. You’ll learn.

And even if you do fail, it doesn’t really matter… because the reality of happiness and fulfillment is all in your head.

But how happy could you be knowing you never took your shot?


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  • Nick Ahrens

    Love it guys! Both of you were the catalyst to make the change in my life. I started out with your ecommerce course ( noticed you removed all the videos; why?) then I transitioned into more facebook and marketing automation. 5 months after I took the leap with you, I am now working remotely for an awesome start-up learning a ton everyday… wouldnt of happened without you! Keep it up,

  • Drew Jackson

    Nice nick! Good to hear man glad everything is working out. Definitely take advantage of the education with the start up, it’s priceless.

    Re: ecommerce videos: we’ve actually added 15+ new videos in there in the last few months, you should be able to see them. I’ll make sure it’s not a backend issue with your account.

    Keep it up dude!

    From Bali,

    • Nick Ahrens

      Hey Drew,
      Good to hear from you man! I just logged in again and the membership area looks empty besides your intro video up top… let me know if it is anything on my end because I would love to check out the new videos!

      • Drew Jackson

        Nick! try now, seems like your membership expired for some reason — we had some issues with the plug in when we updated our theme.

        Should work now!