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Welcome to the StartupTakeoff, the business and travel blog run by two ordinary guys who are dissatisfied with the modern status quo.  We’ve discard the traditional career model and crafted our own.  Who know’s whats in store for us, but along this journey we’ve created StartupTakeoff, a blog, podcast, and resource for anybody interested in embarking along a similar path.  We pour our hearts and souls into what we do, and our hope is you find something valuable while your here.

The world is changing – and we’ve recognized that some longstanding public assumptions are being challenged, in particular:

One skill for a career

With the incredible pace of technology its a certainty that one skill is unlikely to lead to a secure and rewarding career. Increased competition, changes in the marketplace, changes in technology – professional development is a certainty of the 21st century and to keep pace employees can no longer rest on their laurels and surf a single wave through their careers.  For entrepreneurs the risk is ten-fold.  Learning multiple skills and learning them quickly becomes an imperative.  But as it is, rapid change also brings on a time of unprecedented opportunity for those who can learn to capitalize the situation.

One place to call home

Globalization, decreasing costs of travel, and larger social networks all equate to one thing – lives lived internationally.  A jet set lifestyle is available to the layperson and never in human history has this been the case. No longer do we inhabit one city for a lifetime and merely dip our toes into the world a timid two weeks at a time.

This is the New Way of Living

The idea of one career, a static social circle, and one place to call home all appeal to human aversions to uncertainty. Embrace the new life that includes a diverse career, international social terrains, and lifetime of exploring the world – this new philosophy of living makes the best of our unique time in human history. Embracing this view can be a little scary, it requires you to step up to challenge and self-start; it requires you to lean into your fears – not run from them, and most of all it requires you to open your mind to a world of knowledge and experiences.  There’s a greater responsibility placed on those who want the most out of life and it can be a little scary – but don’t you agree its worth it?

Just Two Ordinary Guys

We’re just two ordinary guys from Canada getting our hustle on and carving out a new life.  We’ve created this blog to share our story and inspire others to do the same.


  • Adrianna Grimsley

    I think that it is fate the I found this website. perfectly designed so that I came across when I was ready and able to understand fully of the things I wish to accomplish, I am completely connected to what you are in the process of accomplishing. You’ve put all of my feelings of dissatisfaction with status quo way of living and put it into words. Thank you so much for being, I only wish I was taking this journey with you lol! Adrianna Grimsley

    • Drew Jackson

      Never too late to start Adrianna! Get going 🙂

  • Brandon

    Hi Drew , sorry i had to ask here but how do you double serve on Bing ads? I came across a webinar on ringpartner and you said to triple serve. Im trying to do the same but its not working for me.. 2 campaigns both different websites and Im working on my own business not as an affiliate.(not pay per call)

    Did you do it on a different Sub account?
    Appreciate your advice and opinion on this!

  • Guest

    Just wanted to provide some feedback for you guys. Good stuff. Feel free to use as a testimonial or something. I’ll be in Chiang Mai in October but lunch is on me if I’m ever in Bali.

    Drew and Clay are filling an important content gap for someone who’s in ‘year 1’, like me. I’m hustling around my day job to make it happen. I sold my stuff and moved into a tiny studio apartment to work hard on weekends. I gave up Crossfit to call suppliers on my lunch break. At times, it’s hard to remember what I’m working for. So it’s cool to see a timely boots-on-the-ground perspective of the digital nomad landscape, and newfound lifestyle advice when moving to a Tropical Island like Bali. The scooter video, for instance, is the kind of gold no one really talks about. This stuff is fun and inspirational, keep it up.

  • Hey guys,

    Have been trying to track you down since I found Kratosguide! I’m currently working in Germany, saving up, and starting my own thing. Currently working on http://www.asinglestride.net

    Really grateful for the resources that you guys have put out there, and I would LOVE to get in touch with you guys to chat.

    Really looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.

  • Mike Allek

    Hey guys,

    you still got that room available upstairs?

    I gave up my apartment this month. Business is stable, built it up Tim Ferriss Style, traveling from hotel, to friends, to AirBnBs. Looking for a fun time and inspirational exchange in Asia with like-minded people.

    Hit me up

  • Itamar Tene

    Hi gut. I sent an too email to clay@thestartuptakeoff.com but no response.. Please contact me at itamartene@gmail.com. Tnks!

  • mojo

    ahh so glad I found y’all’s site… thank you for the info. Moving to Ubud 🙂