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The Startup Takeoff Blueprint

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  Thanks for checking out our site – its pretty awesome you’re here and we’re happy to have you etc etc.  But for now lets skip the introductions and get right down to business – that’s what this is all about isn’t it?  I’d like to give you a quick summary of the Startup Takeoff model and give you a good idea of what you can get from this site.

At its core the Startup Takeoff is a divided two year model.  Startup and – you guessed it – Takeoff.   While I’d like to sell you dreams of exotic travel, passive income and private jets i’m gonna have to be real with you.  The core of our model revolves around hard work – or hustle as I like to call it (doesn’t sound as bad does it?)  Then, along with your hustle, you’ll need dedication, passion, an open mind, and a healthy dose of optimism for the toughest times ahead.

You see we created this site for people like us, people starting from scratch.  And to level with you scratch for us was student loans and a 9-5 job.  We went to work every day, and every day we thought, ‘is this it?’  Its not that we’re lazy or that we don’t want to work – on the contrary we’re highly productive and enjoy creating value for the world – but the problem is grinding for the man can be a dismally unsatisfying existence.

So if this ‘two year’, ‘hard work’ stuff has you turned off, then let me just remind you what the traditional career model has to offer.  Behold Year 1 & Beyond!!!


Traditional Model: Year 1 (and the rest of your existence)





Oh boy that sure is a bummer.

I know, I was there (and I took those photos)

But now I’d like to expand your awareness.

A paradigm for your career and future.

Behold now a better way.

Behold the glorious Part 1 of our grand blueprint:


The Startup Takeoff Model: Year 1



‘But wait, what?’

‘I though this was about travelling the world, having new experiences and only working 4 hours a week!’

I know, I know I know.  But remember I told you we’re all about hustle.

So a quick recap. The Traditional vs. Startup Takeoff model Year 1:  both working 9-5 at your desk.   Oh great, another bummer.

But I can’t leave you there.  Obviously there’s more to it.  Behind the scenes kind of stuff.  If you really are ready to change your life – to leave your job and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit – then it starts with the decision.  Your journey really starts when you finally make the decision’.  

When you decide to start up – and take off.  

Then its real.  There’s no way out because you’ve made up your mind.  Soon you’ll book your flight, tell your friends, family and boss – then there’s really no way out.  Making this change will likely be the hardest thing you’ve ever done – but if your reading this, I have a feeling you know that its worth it.  I have a feeling that your ready to roll the dice on an extraordinary life.

I told you year one was behind the scenes kind of stuff.  Well once you make that decision you’ll know because the next year of your life might start to look a little different…


And that’s when it all begins.   You’ll earn your freedom with your free time.  You’ll spend the first year building the assets you need to succeed as an entrepenuer (financial assets to survive and personal assets you’ll use to succeed)

Now to introduce two central concepts of the Startup Takeoff blueprint:  your baseline and runway.

Baseline:  Savings ÷ Monthly Expenses = # of months you can survive with no income


As an entrepreneur starting out, your baseline is your lifeline.  To the layperson this is a comfort number, if anything were to happen you’d be O.K. for that long.  But entrepreneurs have a different way of looking at it, to the entrepreneur this number represents how much TIME you can BUY.  So for the Startup Takeoff model this is key.  The first year is spent building your baseline by going from living expenses to survival expenses.  Building your baseline by building your bank account.  The more you can put away the longer you have for when you quit your job and go self-employed full-time.  Which transitions to the second key connection of the Startup Takeoff:


Runway:  The time period that follows the loss of your employment income.  The runway takes place in a consciously created environment that maximizes the probability of entrepreneurial success.


“Maximizes the probability of entrepreneurial success.’  This is critical.  We moved to Asia, where its possible to live for as little as $500/month all in.  We completely removed ourselves from all forms of social distraction from, and re-planted in a mastermind setting.  We surrounded ourselves with inspiration, resources, books, and motivation from each other and new connections formed online in the year prior to Takeoff.

So I hate to break it to you, but there’s no time off yet!  The second year of your life’s radical change will be even more work than the first!  Another bummer!

But guess what – you’ll be working all over the world.  And that desk, will look a lot different than it used to… behold:


The Startup Takeoff Model: Year 2





Are your senses tingling yet?  Do you see where I’m going with this?

You’re not through the pearly gates yet and after you quit your job the clock is ticking – but you’ve got an advantage – you’ve bought your time.  With your baseline and your runway you now take a run at it.  It’s do or die and you better be ready to give it everything you’ve got because success is the life of your dreams and failure is.. While i’m actually not sure what failure is but I do know where to find a desk with an empty spot…

So year two is Takeoff.

Its not all for nothing, we do have a master plan… if you can pull it off then you’ll find existence no longer limited by resources or opportunities – but by imagination.  And that’s a thought so divine I’d give anything to realize it.  Finally I present:

The Startup Takeoff Model: Year 3 and Beyond


The entirety of this model is summarized below:


And that is the introduction to the Startup Takeoff blueprint.  This site provides the resources and guidance we wish WE had along the start of our journey.  We intend to build a great repository of inspiration, information and motivation for all those in the same spot we were in two years ago, right smack in the middle of a cubicle wondering if things could ever change.

Are you ready to Startup and Takeoff?


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